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Bosnia Country Guide

Bosnia & Herzegovina is no longer the war torn country of years past, but is now one of Europe's most breathtaking travel destinations. With beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, rivers and traditional villages, Bosnia is quickly becoming a must see destination. 


Sarajevo is the Bosnian capital and largest city, which is located on the Balkan Peninsula. The country is surround by Croatia to the west, northwest and north and Montenegro and Serbia to the northeast, east and southeast. The landscape is made up of mountains along the southern and central interior, flat lands in the northwest, and a small section of coastline along the Adriatic sea. It is this section of the coast that attracts tourists to the area near Neum. This portion of the country enjoys a long sunny summer climate. Bosnia Herzegovina is fifty percent forest and mostly mountainous. Fertile land can be found in the northern portion of Bosnia and is heavily farmed.


Bosnia enjoys a moderate continental climate in the inland regions around Sarajevo to include cold snowy winters and hot summers. Although, a Mediterranean climate is enjoyed by the southern tip of the country. When travelling to the Central and Northern areas of Bosnia, an Alpine climate will include large amounts of rain throughout the year. If planning to visit, May to October is ideal. This part of the year is dry and warm although a sweater may be needed in the evening to fight off a chill. Winters, on the other hand, are cold and often rainy. You will also see snow and wind throughout this time of year. 

Bosnian Language

Three different ethnic groups are officially identified in Bosnia. There are Croats, Serbs and Bosniaks which is the largest group. The three main religious groups include Muslim, Serb orthodox and Roman Catholic. The Bosniaks speak a South Slavic language as one of the three main languages, which we generally call Bosnian. Other dialects include Shtokavian in addition to Montenegrin. Latin and the Cyrillic alphabets are used in Bosnia. 


Bosnia is one of the most frequently visited countries in this region of Europe probably because of its cultural heritage and natural beauty. The country enjoys high education levels, life expectancy and literacy which adds to its charm. When visiting, people can enjoy winter sports, unique architecture and its fine cuisine. Bosnian culture remains close knit in both the small villages and suburban communities. This comes from the background of families working together to farm common land. Since Muslim is the dominant religion of the region, you will need to respect their customs and traditions.

Overall the country of Bosnia has a rich culture and beautiful countryside. Visitors can experience a variety of sports as well as amazing cuisine while enjoying the historic background of the country as a whole. Although still in the process of recovering from the war, Bosnia is the perfect destination to enjoy a unique part of the world.

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