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The Vasekela Bushman Language

Axis Translations provides accurate and timely Vasekela Bushman Translation into or from any other language combination. The most common being Vasekela Bushman text to English translation and translations from English text to Vasekela Bushman. We hope the following information about the Vasekela Bushman language assists:-

Vasekela Bushman is a Khoisan language (Khoisan language: A family of languages spoken in southern Africa) of Namibia (Namibia: A republic in southwestern Africa on the south Atlantic coast (formerly called South West Africa); achieved independence from South Africa in 1990; the greater part of Namibia form part of the high Namibian plateau of South Africa) . It might be the same language as 'Akhoe ('Akhoe: akhoe...
or Kung-ekoka (Kung-ekoka: kung-ekoka...).

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