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Italy Country Guide

Guide to Italy
Italy is one of the most beautiful and historic countries in the world. Once home to one of the largest empires to ever grace the earth, and for one of the longest spans of time, Italy is now a gorgeous place to visit, with no shortage of art and architecture to view as well as food to eat.

Italy is a country that speaks predominantly the Italian language, which derived from the Latin that the Romans spoke during the time of the empire. Almost 93% of the country’s population speaks Italian. Because Italy was comprised of independent city-states for hundreds of years after the empire’s decline, many of its cities speak a different dialect of Italian. Almost 50 %, in fact. Some dialects are almost a completely different language but are not recognized as such. One such dialect is known as Friulian, which is spoken by 1% of the population in the north-eastern parts of Italy. On the Italian island of Sardinia, almost one million of its citizens speak Sardinian. 

Anyone visiting Italy is going to want eat Italian cuisine. The Italians are world-renown for their cooking. With hundreds of different pasta dishes to choose from, one really can’t go wanting for a delicious meal here. They are primarily known for their pasta dishes such as Spaghetti, Lasagne and Rigatoni. Then, of course, there is their pizza and their seafood, all delicious. Italians are also known for two beverages: their cappuccino and their wine. Anyone interested in Italian wine, which is one of the world’s best, should visit one of the many vineyards in the south of Italy.

Italy is rich in architecture and history. One can visit any city in order to explore it. Visit the beautiful sinking buildings on the canals of Venice or the squares of Florence, decorated with striking sculptures. Then there is Rome, the capital of Italy and once the centre of the Roman Empire. Visiting the Coliseum is a must for anyone in Rome, as is the Vatican, which is the centre of the Catholic Church and home to the pope. While the large cities in the north are brimming with culture and history, the cities of the south offer a more relaxed view of Italy. Cities such as Tuscany and Sicily, while still offering plenty of ancient architecture and rich history, also offer a better chance to enjoy the natural surroundings.

If one is visiting Italy, it is not only for the food and architecture, but also for the art. Italy has been one of the frontrunners in the art world for thousands of years. One must view Michelangelo’s fresco in the Sistine Chapel as well as his statue of David, one of the most famous sculptures of all time. Then of course, there’s the most famous work of art ever, the Mona Lisa, by Leonardo da Vinci. There are museums located in practically ever city in Italy that all contain important pieces of art.

There are dozens of cities worth visiting, such as Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples, Milan and Tuscany, just to name a few. Brush up on a little bit of Italian, because anyone visiting Italy will need more than a few days to experience all the country has to offer.