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Translation of Internal Reports & Communications

Axis Translations offers professional translation services for all your business requirements. One of these areas is the translation of internal reports and communications.

In today's global economy, it is not only trade that is international. It's the companies and their employees too. It is becoming increasingly common to have companies with a variety of languages spoken in the divisions.

But many businesses have not adapted to the language needs of the company and do not even localize and translate their mission statement.

The dangers of not translating your internal reports are numerous and include: Objectives not understood, Alienation of divisions and staff, Loss of quality staff, etc. Click here to see our article on the translation of internal reports and communications.

Trying to translate your company reports internally can be inaccurate and occupy staff with the translation while neglecting their core objectives. From our experience the translation generally falls by the wayside.

But that is where Axis Translations can assist. We offer translation of internal reports and communications as a defined business services. The translations are completed by professional translators for accuracy and allow your team to concentrate on their core objectives. After all, we are the language professionals, not you!

Our offering for the translation of internal reports includes:

Discount Price Structure A discount structure becomes applicable for the regular translation of internal reports. This is dependent on the type of agreement made and the volume of work.
Accuracy At Axis Transactions we provide quality translation completed by professional translators. The quality and accuracy of the translation of the internal report will be extremely high.
All Language Combinations Axis Translations covers all language combinations. Click here to see a example list of the languages we translate.
All Document Types We offer the translation of documents in any format and return them as received. That might be financial information in an excel spreadsheet, A file in MS Word, or a Powerpoint presentation.
Confidentiality All our translations are treated confidentially as matter of policy. But we fully understand the concern over confidentiality during the translation of internal reports. To ensure further confidentiality, we are willing to adopt your confidentiality agreement as well as our own. The translation and the original can either be stored (as as back-up) or destroyed upon completion of the project.

Click here to see our article on the translation of internal reports and communications.