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English 7% (official), Afrikaans common language of most of the population and about 60% of the white population, German 32%, indigenous languages: Oshivambo
Nauruan (official, a distinct Pacific Island language), English widely understood, spoken, and used for most government and commercial purposes
Nepali 47.8%, Maithali 12.1%, Bhojpuri 7.4%, Tharu (Dagaura/Rana) 5.8%, Tamang 5.1%, Newar 3.6%, Magar 3.3%, Awadhi 2.4%, other 10%, unspecified 2.5% (2001 census)
note: many in government and business also speak English
Dutch (official)
Netherlands Antilles
Papiamento 65.4% (a Spanish-Portuguese-Dutch-English dialect), English 15.9% (widely spoken), Dutch 7.3% (official), Spanish 6.1%, other 1.9%, unspecified 1.8% (2001 census)
New Caledonia
French (official), 33 Melanesian-Polynesian dialects
New Zealand
English (official), Maori (official)
Spanish 97.5% (official), Miskito 1.7%, other 0.8% (1995 census)
note: English and indigenous languages on Atlantic coast
French (official), Hausa
English (official), Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo (Ibo), Fulani
Niuean,a Polynesian language closely related to Tongan and Samoan; English
Norfolk Island
English (official), Norfolk a mixture of 18th century English and ancient Tahitian
Northern Mariana Islands
Philippine languages 24.4%, Chinese 23.4%, English 10.8%, other Pacific island languages 9.5%, other 9.6% (2000 census)
Bokmal Norwegian (official), Nynorsk Norwegian (official), small Sami- and Finnish-speaking minorities