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Language Translation ASAP!

ASAP – As Soon As Possible indicates that the person needs it fast. It seems that this is added to every request in the modern world, but especially so when it comes to language translation services.

However, ASAP can cover a multitude of situations and may also be dependant on the clients level of understanding of the process. For example, ASAP could mean ‘a total realistic timescale’, ‘a totally unrealistic timescale’ or ‘a very easy deadline’. This is why ASAP must also equal dialogue between the translation service provider and the client.

This dialogue will be to: 1) understand the clients circumstances. In some cases they have also been asked ‘ASAP’ and they will also need to define this with the person who gave them the request.

2) communicate the projects translation time requirements.

3) Considering (1) and (2) a deadline and solution will then need to be agreed.

This step/dialogue is important as you are guessing until you have a deadline or better understanding of the actual requirements. The client is guessing when they get it back – but it will be as soon as possible. You are guessing when they need the translation – but you are assuming that your ‘ASAP’ is going to be agreeable. This is gambling with assumptions.

So……..ASAP in language translation may still mean ‘As Soon As Possible’ but it also means dialogue to avoid confusion.

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