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Fewer Languages Spoken Each Month

Thousands of languages and dialects are spoken in the world today, but this number is declining each month. Local dialects and languages are increasingly ceasing to be of use in favour of the major languages of the world.

How does this occur? Lets look at the Italian language for example. Historically Italy did not speak Italian, but a mixture of languages and dialects. Many of these dialects may still be in use today, but they are declining at varying rates. The Italian language is in fact one of these languages that was selected to be the national language.

The situation in North America is also of interest. Of approximately 165 indigenous languages, only eight are now spoken by 10,000 or more people. About 75 are spoken
only by a handful of older people and seem to be heading towards extinction.

Television has also played it’s part. TV companies would find it impractical to cover all their programs in all the potential languages and dialects and so have favoured the majority. This has decreased interest in the other languages.

So, while we cannot calculate how many languages there are, we can say that the number is decreasing.

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