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Can Translation Help Save The Environment?

It is not often that you think of going green being associated with ‘languages and translations’, however there are many ways in which the two can be linked. It may not be the most natural of links, but nature is what it is all about as we should all be doing our part to save the environment.


Bridging Barriers

One of the biggest problems when it comes to looking after our environment is getting everyone on the same page. This becomes doubly hard when you don’t have a language in common. The environment is a global problem and requires every country to do its part to help the planet. This may mean that you need to be able to communicate in another language to break down this barrier. This is where a language translation services become very important. This allows you to bridge the gap between you and other people.


Difficult Ideas

The other problem when it comes to the environment is that some of the ideas are quite technical to explain. You might not be able to adequately describe the problems with acid rain and greenhouse gases into a language such as Swahili. This is not only because the words aren’t in every language, but the concepts may be fairly alien. This is where you need a professional that understands the culture as well as the language so that you can be sure your ideas and thoughts are being communicated properly. Translations should normally be completed by the native speaker of the target language.


Ethically Sourced

The other part of our global society is that we can now source products from all over the world to serve our local market. This means that goods may be produced in conditions that are less than ideal. Therefore, when we are looking for suppliers and service providers, we want to be able to communicate our requirements in terms of ethically sourced goods and goods with a low carbon footprint. Ideas and concepts that don’t necessarily translate well. This means you need someone who specialises in the concepts to do your translation work for you.

Sourcing your goods from an ethical source might also alleviate poverty in that area. It has been shown that environmental choices are more easily made the further a person rises above poverty.


Think Global, Act Local

As a business you may be doing your part to help the environment, but what about the other companies that you do business with. Particularly if they are not in the same country as you. It can be tricky to get your green ethos and agenda across to them in a way that means you can continue working. This is another area where a language translation service can assist. Producing materials and presentations in the target language that you want to work with will make things a lot easier for you. It can also open up new markets that you might not have thought of. It may be that you struggle with companies for whom English is not their first language and therefore a professional translator can help.


When it comes to the environment there are many ways that a translator can help you with your green credentials and help you to save the planet. It is something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Axis Translations offers specialist translation services for environmental studies.

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