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Google Adwords Translation Update

A new article has been added to the website about translation for Adwords campaigns. Please note that from 24th July Google Adwords will become known as Google Ads.

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June 29, 2018 | Business Translation, Website Translation | No Comments »

Translation Might Save Your Life

This title could as easily create a book, but the fact is that translation might have saved your life, save you life in the future or improve your quality of life. How? Translation improves communication and this allows medical knowledge to be transferred. This knowledge has helped the unborn child through to the terminally ill. Medical translation is often a part of the medical development process. Translation improves health and safety. The translation of manuals, training material and good practice may allow equipment to be used more safely. Translation allows new technology to be adopted. This might be the translation Read the Rest…

August 16, 2011 | Website Translation | No Comments »

Visiting Japan

Growing up I had 2 places that a dreamed of visiting most: Italy and Japan. My mother had always talked about her time working in Italy and how she loved the Italian lifestyle, so Italy was an obvious choice. However, Japan and the Japanese? I am not sure where the desire to visit Japan first came from. I had studied Chinese and Thai martial arts, but never Japanese. Perhaps it was from the film ‘Blade Runner’ or watching ‘Monkey’ on TV as a young boy. Whatever the reason, I always wanted to visit Japan. So……after all these years I finally Read the Rest…

May 5, 2011 | Website Translation | 1 Comment »

Benefits of working within the translation and interpreter industry – Introduction

Most of us spend a great deal of our lives working and it is therefore ideal if we can enjoy our chosen career. In this series of blog posts we will write about some of the good things about a career in languages.

March 15, 2011 | Website Translation | No Comments »