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Albanian Translations for a Future EU Market

The European Union is currently experiencing what can only be described as some type of upheaval. They are seeing large quantities of change thanks to the departure of the UK from within their ranks being nearly complete. But what does this mean for Albania? Well, it’s all about making sure that this proud nation of people is ready to contribute meaningfully to the world around them, and to consolidate their position as being a powerhouse in terms of trade. But it also calls for good levels of Albanian translations. Albania – Strong Position for the Future? Albania has been doing Read the Rest…

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March 11, 2020 | Business Translation, Engineering Translation, Language Translation, Legal Translation, Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation, Website Translation | No Comments »

A Guide to Macedonia

Macedonia: The Place, the People and Macedonian Translation Macedonia, located in Greece, is a beautiful and exotic location which attracts the attention of people all over the world. Many people have tried to come and visit this beautiful destination for themselves and seen all the sights as being incredible. But to actually know Macedonia well is to be able to know about the country, the language and the culture. So let’s dive right into that and see if we can’t figure out exactly what this all means for the visiting tourist. Background Information About Macedonia Macedonia is the second most Read the Rest…

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February 11, 2020 | Language Translation, Legal Translation | No Comments »

Greek Translation for Investing in Greece

When it comes to languages Greek is one of the classics. As the civilization has been around since ancient times, then the Greek language is one of the most widely developed and historical languages around. However for many people Greek seems to be quite inaccessible. This is largely down to the fact that Greek doesn’t use a standard western alphabet for it’s letters. Instead of letters we see what, to a non-speaker, seems to be random symbols.   Opportunities However as the recession of recent times as receded then Greece, which was one of the hardest hit countries, is primed Read the Rest…

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November 5, 2019 | Business Translation, Engineering Translation, Language Translation, Legal Translation, Website Translation | No Comments »

Joker – Translations within the film

  You can’t go anywhere at the moment without seeing publicity or hearing comments about the film ‘Joker’. It is a great piece of work, but it does seem that it is not to everyone’s taste. That’s not a criticism of the product, but simply we do not all like the same things. I, for instance, do not enjoy horror films. So where do translations come into the story? You might be thinking of foreign language dubbing and subtitles. That’s a possible topic, but in an extreme step towards an international audience the production team went further. In the scenes Read the Rest…

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October 8, 2019 | Language Translation, Legal Translation | No Comments »

Audio Translations for Evidence

When it comes to the preparation of legal documents this can be a very tricky and painstaking process. Everything needs to be done to an exceptionally high standard. Any defect in the process can lead to miscarriages of justice happening. Whether this is an innocent person going to jail, or a guilty person walking free. Then it is important to make sure that any work that is going to be used as evidence is exact.   Two-Stage Process When it comes to audio recordings in a foreign language then this can be twice as tricky. It can be hard enough Read the Rest…

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September 23, 2019 | Language Translation, Legal Translation | No Comments »

Contract Translation in London

When doing business, it is important to make sure that whatever you are doing is protected by a solid contract. Lawyers spend hours refining their contract drafting skills so that when they draw up a solid contract for you then it is going to protect you and your business now and in the future. A good contract will cover as many eventualities as possible and make sure that there are features in place to help with whatever situation arises.   Foreign Business   When it comes to doing business internationally then this is where things can become difficult. What if Read the Rest…

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September 16, 2019 | Business Translation, Language Translation, Legal Translation | No Comments »