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Growth of Foreign Languages on English Speaking TV

Traditionally, English speaking TV exists with the cast speaking English. The reverse cannot be said when we visit other countries and so many English language series are subtitled or dubbed for the foreign market. In fact, people have grown up associating a voice to a star which is not actually theirs. In recent times this has changed and here are some recent examples: NARCOS – This is an American TV production largely based in Colombia about such drug traffickers as Pablo Escobar. In this series Spanish, the language of Colombia, is spoken and given English subtitles. It is a great Read the Rest…

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August 23, 2018 | Business Translation | No Comments »

EU Languages and Brexit

some time ago an article was added about the languages of the EU and English is currently one of those languages. This involves teams of English translators being employed by the EU to cover a long list of combinations of languages. English can also be considered a common language in the EU as it is understood fluently by many there although it is not their native language. However, will English remain in the EU post-Brexit? Strictly speaking, English will no longer be the language of any of the nations. However, English retains it’s value of being a common language within Read the Rest…

June 29, 2018 | Business Translation | No Comments »

Google Adwords Translation Update

A new article has been added to the website about translation for Adwords campaigns. Please note that from 24th July Google Adwords will become known as Google Ads.

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June 29, 2018 | Business Translation, Website Translation | No Comments »

Google Adwords Translator

Adwords is basically paid for adverts that appear in the search results on Google. Similar products exist for almost all other search engines. The advertiser bids for selected keyword phrases like ‘London Russian Translator” with the aim that their advert will appear for a relevant searcher. As many websites are multilingual and target a multilingual client base, the adverts also need to be translated. Seeing as it’s Google, you might think that the Google Online Translator is the solution, but you would be wrong. Firstly, that translation tool does not consider context and so can return some awful translations. The Read the Rest…

June 25, 2018 | Business Translation | No Comments »

Confidential Translation

What is the difference between a confidential translation and a non-confidential translation? All translations are confidential unless permission has been specifically granted to disclose information about the translation and/or client. The information that can be disclosed is then specific. Unless given specific approval (preferable in writing) the following information should be kept confidential: 1) The source document and the translation. 2) Any reference material 3) The translators involvement with the clients translations. 4) The translators involvements with the translation agency that employs their services. 5) Any details found with the documents. 6) Any details discovered through the translators involvement with Read the Rest…

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June 18, 2018 | Business Translation | No Comments »

Translation is a Bitch!

Translation seems an easy topic to the outsider, but there are so many things to consider that require training, experience and further questions if the translator wishes to deliver an accurate translation. This is especially so as the language morphs over time. Today’s example will be the word ‘Bitch’. Traditionally this meant the female gender of a dog, wolf, fox or otter. However, without listing them, this word can now mean many more things and so the context is extremely important. (Note: We do not approve of all of the uses of this term, but accurate translation requires maintaining the Read the Rest…

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June 7, 2018 | Business Translation | No Comments »

An English Translation Device For…… Your Dog?

Have you ever wished your dog could speak to you in English or another language? Or perhaps you fear what they might say! Would your dog complain about the food or the length of the days walk? Well, a report believes that might be possible within the next 10 years. At a Northern Arizona University professor Con Slobodchikoff is seeking to develop a translation device for dogs and cats. The professor has analysed calls made by prairie dogs and now believes the concept could be used to provide translations for household pets. So one day Axis Translations might add Dog Read the Rest…

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May 25, 2018 | Business Translation | No Comments »

Star Wars translated to Navajo

The original Star Wars film was released in 1977 and since its release it has been translated to many languages. These translations will have included either subtitles, dubbing or both. The next step for Star Wars is to translate the film to the native American language of Navajo. This task is being completed by 5 translators under the initiative of Manuelito Wheeler, director of the Navajo Nation Museum in Arizona, USA. Such a film translation is more complex as words such as ‘robot’ do not exist in Navajo. For such a situation a decision will need to be made over Read the Rest…

March 28, 2013 | Business Translation | No Comments »

Translators and Interpreters to the Rescue

On the news we see the flooding across Central Europe. These floods have included the German city of Dresden and Prague in the Czech Republic. I doubt a day passes where a natural disaster has not impacted an area of our planet. In such situations translators and interpreters can play their part. Rescue teams are often dispatched from other countries and an interpreter can help them coordinate with local resources and the victims. Translation can also play a role in avoiding disasters and disaster planning. The translation might be of a new technology that could protect against issues common to Read the Rest…

February 26, 2013 | Business Translation | No Comments »

Translations for Football

It has been reported that the revenue generated by English football clubs exceeds £3billion. Please remember that this is English only and does not include the remainder of the UK. Add to this £1.58bn for German, £1.4bn for Spain and £1.3bn for Italy and you can only imagine the amount of money generated by football annually. Football is an international industry. How many top-level clubs have only players from their home country? I cannot think of one. Supporters are also international. Teams such as Manchester United and Barcelona have fans worldwide. They are not alone in this regard and any Read the Rest…

January 13, 2013 | Business Translation | No Comments »