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Translations for Football

It has been reported that the revenue generated by English football clubs exceeds £3billion. Please remember that this is English only and does not include the remainder of the UK. Add to this £1.58bn for German, £1.4bn for Spain and £1.3bn for Italy and you can only imagine the amount of money generated by football annually.

Football is an international industry. How many top-level clubs have only players from their home country? I cannot think of one.

Supporters are also international. Teams such as Manchester United and Barcelona have fans worldwide. They are not alone in this regard and any of these supporters cannot speak the language of their teams country. These fans need translations to help them follow and support their team.

On this basis, the translation and interpreting industry plays its part in the business of football. It might be a Spanish interpreter for interviews or a Russian translation for a footballers contract. Translations for football are required and we offer this service at Axis Translations.

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