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Best Airline: Alitalia or Air France

On a recent long haul trip I traveled with a different airline in each direction. I traveled out with the Italian company ‘Alitalia’ and returned with the French airline ‘Air France’ and my brief evaluation was as follows:

Service: The Italian airline was notably poor and the staff lacked care. They also spent the entire flight avoiding the passengers. It all seemed like they could not be bothered.

The French Airline did a fantastic job. The service was kind and proactive and it was certainly service with a smile.

The Aircraft: Air France had an unfair edge in that the aircraft was extremely new and had a great entertainment system. However, with all the problems Alitalia has published in the Italian press, it seems unlikely that they will be updating their fleet in the near future.

The Meals: I love Italian food and food is really part of Italian culture. On this basis I was expecting good things from Alitalia……….but I was to be disappointed.

On an airline you will receive a heated up ready meal and this is not an example of the real thing, but it was poor. The coffee was truly terrible and completely undrinkable. It was the worst excuse for coffee I have received in my entire life. This includes vending machines, airlines and coffee tried in 40 countries.

The food on Air France was very good by air travel standards.

Conclusion: So, based on a single trip, the French airline ‘Air France’ was a clear winner. Hopefully Alitalia will take note and start improving things…….especially the coffee!

Coming Soon: The next review will be the German Airline ‘Lufthansa’ against the American ‘United Airlines’.

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  1. maria Translator says:

    Thanks for sharing this important information. Although i have not travel yet with Italian airlines yet, it feels good to hear about French airline

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