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Confidential Translations and Technology – Part 1

Confidentiality seems to have become a quick ‘yes’ from your average translation agency in the same way that NDA’s / Confidentiality agreements are also signed without much thought across a range of industries. However, confidentiality can be crucial part of a client’s request, as integral to awarding the assignment to the translation agency as the price and quality of translation.
Client confidentiality might be for documents relating to a court case, a famous person, a new invention, a police investigation, or so many other situations where a breach of confidentially could cause harm. It won’t make the agencies Twitter Feed or Facebook page quite so much fun, but translation confidentiality only really works when it is the normal culture of the professional translation agency.

This culture begins with how all assignments are treated. There is then the review of the clients NDA’s / Confidentiality agreements and ensuring that the translators involved are aware of any special items that the agreement contains. Ensuring that the translators involved know to keep every assignment confidential, can then be given a more severe reminder for special assignments. It then moves on with keeping documents on a ‘need-to-know’ basis, avoiding printed copies and deleting after an agreed time has passed. Finally, the wording of the invoice also needs to be considered as the translation agencies invoice will pass a lot of people’s desks in both theirs and the clients office.
How about the role of technology in translation confidentiality? That will follow in Part 2

Remember that Axis Translations offers confidentiality for all of its assignments

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