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Benefits of working within the translation and interpreter industry – The Joy of Helping People

It is rewarding to be part of something good or something that makes a positive difference to someone’s life. Sometimes a career in translation or interpreting offers this opportunity.

A good example is medical translation. You may assist in spreading new knowledge, but often you know the name of the individual you are helping and have spoken with them. You may be providing translations so that the person can see a specialist in a new country and sometimes you can be a part of making a difference in that persons life.

You can also enjoy assisting people with business and legal circumstances. Perhaps you are an interpreter at a sales meeting and help the team clinch the deal. Maybe your legal translation assistance allows the legal team to obtain further knowledge that helps them win their case.

Where there is communication there can be the need for translation or an interpreter. Sometimes you receive an added bonus from the joy of helping people.

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One Response to “Benefits of working within the translation and interpreter industry – The Joy of Helping People”

  1. Sônia Acioli says:

    What a wonderful text. It is really my feelings during my 20 years of experience as translator and interpreter. It is a joy!

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