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Benefits of working within the translation and interpreter industry – Endless Learning

A career as a translator or interpreter is a lifetime filled with continuous learning.

To be able to translate a document or provide interpretation services for a situation you must be able to understand the subject/document. This requires an understanding of the terminology in both languages. This knowledge may have been gained by working within that field, but as technology changes your knowledge must be refreshed. Luckily, as a linguist, you are often translating documents before they become general knowledge. You may be providing translations for research teams and learn about developments when they are very much cutting-edge.

You may also have the joy of learning about new subject areas and matters of general interest. For instance, you may have an interpreting assignment to assist with a tour of London. Before the assignment you will be presented a pack of information about the tour so you can prepare yourself and by the end of the assignment you should have learned more about the subject from these notes and the added comments of the guide.

Learning is enjoyable and is a great benefit to be obtained from a career as a translator or interpreter.

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