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Benefits of working within the translation and interpreter industry – The People

One of the best things about a career in translation and interpreting is your colleagues.

Your colleagues are from a wide range of countries and cultures, but will have spent time living in other countries. During their studies they have generally spent time with students from other nations and this will have broadened their outlook to consider other possible points of view. Your colleague in the translation industry might be from China, attended university in Europe and now work in America with their Russian husband.

These experiences and the mixed team creates a unique environment where topics can be considered from a wider range of angles. Your colleagues are able to accept different choices and informed discussions can take place about situations. This helps with lateral thinking.

I would also note that I find colleagues in the translation industry less judgemental for the reasons above, but also as the languages industry is one of constant learning. It seems that your colleagues are more interested to learn/understand your rational for a decision.

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