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About Axis Translations

Axis Translations offers professional translation services in all languages and subject areas. Our objective is to provide a one-stop solution to all your multilingual requirements. Regardless of language and jargon complexity, we will be able to meet both your personal and corporate language needs.

Experienced Translation We have a proven record in translation services and so have all our professional translators. Our linguists must have a minimum of 5 years' experience and a recognized professional qualification. Your document will be translated only by native speakers of the language required so that we can ensure the highest levels of language accuracy.
Confidentiality Whether you require a translation of a birth certificate or a business agreement, we can always guarantee to protect your privacy. All our professional translators have signed our confidentiality agreement, so that you can be sure that your details will be treated confidentially. This is especially important for legal translations.
Languages Translated Axis Translations provides translation services for all languages. This ranges from such languages such as Afar to Zulu. In total, we translate over 140 languages.
All Document Types Translated Axis Translations provides translation of all natures of text and documentation. This includes websites, legal contracts, letters, emails, spreadsheets, news paper articles, technical manuals, medical journals, pharmaceutical reports, books, brochures and business proposals.
High Quality Translations Our Translators are highly qualified linguists with a proven track in both general and technical translation.
Types of Clients Translated For Our clients range from large companies to individuals. We deal with businesses, charities, non-profit making organizations, trade bodies, government / political.

All agreements are subject to the standard terms of Axis Translations. Please click here to see our standard terms.